Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the pressure is on

Okay, I understand that scuba diving could sound fun at first glance. The ocean, beautiful water, exotic fish, peace and quiet. But somehow, I think the fun stops there. At that point things come into play like, shark attacks, drowning, nitrogen narcosis, explosion of the eardrums, etcetera. However, despite all of those treacherous possibilities, Rick has decided to embark upon the adventure anyway. He has to complete four open water dives, one of which he already has. His final dive will be at a spring in Florida.

Through all of this, he has steadily been attempting to convice me of my need to strap on an underwater breathing apparatus and take a dive with him. To begin with, I was completely opposed to even the thought of such an undertaking - but, to my surprise, I am softening. If I do decide to take the plunge, I think I will let him finish his certification and then get started afterwards. That way, he can give me tips as I go, and also, I can wait to see whether or not he dies from any of the previoiusly mentioned maladies. If he does, I definitely think I will find another hobby.
posted by Christie