Wednesday, July 06, 2005

shifting gears

Rick got his Jeep sometime back in the Fall, and although I spent the first couple of weeks trying to master that dern clutch - I quickly became frustrated and gave up the pursuit. I guess if I'd of haaaaad to drive it somewhere, I could have, but I promise you, it would have been a bumpy ride. However, recent days have seen an awakening of sorts between me and my relationship with that ungodly third pedal.

A few weeks ago we were riding down the road and it was as if an angel touched me on the shoulder and told me to take over the wheel. I did - and I made it home flawlessly. Yep, a whole quarter of a mile without any cases of wiplash. I felt accomplished.

Well, obviously God knew what He was doing - because only a few days later my car would break down and that beast of a vehicle would be my main mode of transport, now for almost a week. I was thrown right into the deep end and believe it or not, I'm actually staying afloat. I have recently begun mastering what it means to "ease." Before, I had two modes: choke out - or smoke out. Slowly, but surely, I'm finding a middle ground.

However, there are some aspects of a manual vehicle, that I don't think I will ever fully comprehend. I noticed this morning that I don't use my blinker in the Jeep. I mean, between controlling the gas pedal, the brake, clutch, gear shift, and of course CD player - who has enough left in them to consider turn signals? I don't even want to think about windshield wipers. Maybe it won't rain any time soon.

But, despite all the negative things about this manly hunk of machinery, I do have a most favorite gear, and I wish that all others were more like it. Neutral. What a nice option. No bumping, grinding, jerking or the like. Ahhhh, a breath of fresh air. My next task will be the uphill battle. That may take a while. So for now, if you see me on an incline - I'd stay back at least 50 feet if I were you.
posted by Christie