Thursday, August 04, 2005

finally tuned in

Back in November, I picked up the guitar, for what was really the second time. I'd done the same thing months before, but for some reason, never really grasped the basic concepts. I gave up within a few days and didn't think I would ever return to the instrument. However, through a series of events, I again was drawn to play. For whatever reason, this time, the guitar and I seemed to connect. And although I still need a ton of work, there has been an amazing amount of progress. So much infact, that next Wednesday night I am going to begin playing for the youth service at church. We're going to start off pretty simple, with songs like Here I am to Worship, How Deep the Fathers Love, Once Again and maybe even a few old hymns. We have some kids who could, at some point, potentially play other instruments along with me, and so hopefully, this is just the beginning...
posted by Christie