Friday, August 26, 2005

miracles never cease

While up late the other night, I watched the televangelism atrocity that is called Peter Popoff. Of course, I couldn't just idly sit and view the program, I had to order the free miracle spring water and personal prophecy that he was advertising on his show. As promised, I received the items in the mail about a week later. Included were the instructions on how to use the miracle water. It directed me to do something to the effect of this: put a glass of water on my night stand, place the vile of miracle water under my pillow, take seven sips from the glass of water in the morning, anoint my body and home with the water from the vile, and then write a check for $17 to Peter Popoff Miracle Ministries ($17 because the one represents God and the seven represents perfection). If I did all of that, he would then send me another personal prophecy and I would be guaranteed to prosper financially like never before. Below are some testimonials of others who placed the call just like I did.

I sent for the miracle water last month and used it as directed. After using the water, I was blessed with a peaceful mind, deeper reverence for our Lord and a financial blessing of $2,000.00, a refund from the school I graduated from in 2002. Glory to God! Thank you for your constant prayer, encouragement and love.
--Sister P. Williams, Bronx, NY

I had to write you right away to tell you of the miracle that took place with me after using the Miracle Water packet. I followed your instruction. I put some of the water on my back, where I had a small growth on [my back] for about four or more years. This was Saturday morning. So Sunday morning, when I got up to take my shower for church, I said "let me feel and see if the growth [is] gone from my back". When I put my hand on the place where it [used] to be, it was not there, instead I felt on my hand some kind of fluid, I [looked] and it was a black substance, so I [mashed] the place again and more and more black fluid came out. I came out [of] the shower [and] I told my husband. So he [mashed] it and got more, until all was out. We all were very happy. Thank God for you, Rev. Popoff!
--Sister Martha Bookard, Columbia, SC

And I've also heard if you drink the water upside down while reciting "abracadabra, alacazam" over and over that you will receive the sports car of your choice within 7-10 days. I guess it's worth a try.
posted by Christie