Tuesday, August 02, 2005

of the quaterly aged

Yesterday, I turned twenty-five. Although part of me feels old and closer to thirty than ever before, another part of me realizes that this is one of the greatest times of my life. Rick got me a very special ring that I've wanted for a long time and also took me shopping for some perfume and clothing. We had a great time strolling the mall, looking in the bookstore, and just spending time together. We'd planned on indulging in a personal and local favorite, low country boil at Uncle Bubba's in Savannah, but ended up at the Macaroni Grill instead. Chain restaurants are never my favorite, but it worked best with our schedule last night and really turned out to be quite delicious...and interesting at the same time. Dan, our waiter, for some odd reason, felt compelled to tell us about losing his virginity, but I guess that's another story. Anyway, twenty-five has arrived and I welcome it with open arms. Not surprisingly, my further descent into twenty-somethingness was kicked off rather nicely last night.
posted by Christie