Tuesday, August 02, 2005

on a shoestring

Ever heard of Peluca? Well, me neither 'til recently. I knew something of its sort existed, but wasn't aware of much else. Anyway, it's an odd nine minute film that focuses on Seth, an uber geek, as he convinces friends to ditch their P.E. class with him and wander about their rural town of Preston, Idaho. Certainly by now I've given it away. If not, the sheer mention of things like nunchucks, boondoggle key chains, wolverines and a "freakin' 12-gauge" should probably jog your memory. Peluca spells the very beginning of nothing other than Napoleon Dynamite. Twenty-three year old Jared Hess, armed with just $500, shot this short film. After play at several festivals, MTV took note of the work and of course, the rest is "quesa-dilluh" history.
posted by Christie