Monday, August 15, 2005

spicing things up

I grew up with a particularly un-diversified palate. Mainly, we ate chicken - usually baked and always bland. Even salt was an edgy seasoning at my house. However, since being married I have been charting unknown waters, and generously using things like fresh garlic, rosemary, dill, corriander, oregano, basil and yes, even salt. So, this evening, I am going to embark upon a journey of cooking that so far, is unprecedented in our home. Here's the story. Several years ago, I saw this American Eagle t-shirt that said something about fish tacos. After gagging profusely in the corner for several minutes, I returned to normal, but still couldn't imagine the thought of ingesting the mentioned food. However, while in Seattle and being adventerous, we hit Taco Del Mar. Really, the truth is that it was raining and we didn't feel like searching for anything else, but that's beside the point. Anyway, inside we discover that we can't understand a word the employees are saying and vice versa. However, "fish tacos" must be a universal term because we said it and they slapped it on our plates. After being served, and enduring several minutes of apprehension, I decided to go ahead and taste the concoction. My mind was suddenly filled with images of tasteless childhood food and I came close to reverting, but I didn't. And to my surprise, the fish tacos were superb. Suddenly, all my fears were calmed, I relaxed and actually ate everything on my plate. Yet, since leaving the rainy city, we haven't had an opportunity to experience them again. However, I've found a recipe, and so this evening, baja heaven will be served up at 14 Quail Run. And yes, I'll probably even use a pinch or two of salt.
posted by Christie