Monday, August 01, 2005

tell me no lies

Sunday morning I was listening to a sermon by a Southern Baptist pastor who is far from my favorite, but one that I thought at least preached biblical salvation. However, I was amazed as I heard him speak to an enormous congregation and completely misrepresent the essence of following Christ. His sermon was about dealing with the death of loved ones - and after he finished making everyone cry about Granny so and so, he made an emotional, unbiblical plea for salvation. He said (and I quote), "If you don't want to get saved for yourself, then at least do it for your family." He continued, telling everyone that if they weren't a member of a congregation, and they had a tragedy in their family, they would need support - so he then beckoned them to come and join the church. There was never any mention of Christ or of repentance. And of course, the aisles were flooded. However, it bothered me that probably most coming, were going to receive nothing more than false assurance. They were coming, not because the Holy Spirit had drawn them, but because a preacher had persuaded them to do this act so that they would feel better. What puzzles me is the purpose behind it all. Was the pastor trying to boost numbers? Was it a political move? I'm certain that he understands what the Bible says about salvation, so I wonder why he would preach something so opposed to it? Whatever the case, I hope that someone who made a decision truly experienced life change, despite the pastors words.
posted by Christie