Thursday, August 25, 2005

a time to kill

The other day I left work, in hopes of making it to Wal-Mart before the black cloud looming above decided to spill out its contents unmercifully upon me. I speedily drove the few miles to my destination hoping to escape the impending doom. As I whipped my car into one of the only empty spaces in the parking lot, a slight drizzle began to fall from the heavens. After spending a few moments in consideration of whether or not to brave the elements, I exited my car. With umbrella in the upright position, I began the rather long walk to the store entrance. No more than ten steps into my treck, the slight drizzle I had previously experienced, turned into a raging torrent that would have rivaled the flood during the days of Noah. As I started walking faster and faster in hopes that I could circumvent a complete soaking, I heard a faint cry in the distance. I turned to see a store employee who was caught in the deluge without the protection of an umbrella. Being the Samaritan that I am, I made eye contact with the frantic woman and motioned for her to come and share my nylon covering with me. I immediately stopped, did my best to smile, and made room for the already wet, mid 40s cashier. However, I soon came to the realization that my intentions were obviously mis-understood as she whisked by me and snatched the umbrella from my very hands. As she sped towards the store, with my umbrella, I stood in the downpour completely shocked at the events that had just taken place. After finally making it to the entrance, the lady stood waiting for me - my umbrella in hand - and thanked me for saving her from getting completely drenched. As she happily skipped off to work, I forced a smile, and made my way towards the bathroom to begin the process of wringing out my hair and clothing. What a nice exchange.
posted by Christie