Tuesday, August 09, 2005

water on the brain

My sweet nephew Daniel starts kindergarten today. And, he's one of those kids that I'm certain his teacher will never forget. Although she may desperately want to. Daniel is a smart, but mischievous, little boy who prefers having his college level marine biology book read to him over just about any other activity you could imagine. This summer, he's gone to the beach almost everyday to hunt for crabs and, in his own words, various other "crustaceans" to use for experiments. He's always got some sort of project going on, last weekend it was an "amphibian project" that he and his imaginary squid friend "Rum" were going to begin. He also has a "penguin project" in the works and plans to travel to the Arctic for that, with "Rum" of course. Daniel's obsession with cephalopods, mollusks, cuttlefish and other such deep sea life has led him to reject normal five year old television viewing, in exchange for old Jacques Cousteau videos his papa gave him. And he remembers every word. Hopefully, Daniel will have a good teacher who will work with him and funnel all his creativity in the right direction. Whatever the case, I'm sure his teacher will hear more about sea creatures than she ever wanted, even if it is on the way to the principal's office.
posted by Christie