Thursday, September 08, 2005

furry friends

Our first dog was Valerie. We rescued her on Valentines Day, hence the name. She was a cute, happy little mutt that we really enjoyed. I'm not really an animal person, and I even liked her most days. Except for the time that she had a litter of puppies in my car seat, we got along great. Once when she was sick, I even cooked her homeade chicken and rice. I won't even do that for most people. However, after having her a year or so, we moved into a house that was right on a main highway - so we ended up givng her away to a family with kids and a yard.

Also, around the same time we had Valerie, there was Horton. Horton was a black cat that Rick felt sorry for and brought home - against my wishes. I'm convinced to this day that Horton was evil. The only time I've ever seen Rick really lose his temper, this cat was involved. Horton eventually ran away, never to return.

Next, was Puffy. Remember? We basically fed him, and that's it. His fate was less than pleasurable. (Teresa, you probably shouldn't click on that link).

And most recently, there was Philly. As we were packing up the bus to leave for Philadelphia this summer - this cute, starved, beagleish looking pup wandered our way. After several minutes of conversation about the dog, Rick finally decided to convince some friends to take the already named dog home with them until we returned a week later. We soon found that Philly liked to chew, slobber, jump and most of all, bark. And bark she did. All night long. Every night. For hours on end. We tried everything, but to no avail. We eventually came to the conclusion that we kept her pinned up for far too many hours each week and that we were going to have to give her away. Either that or move. So we ousted the pup. Tuesday we said goodbye. The parting was far more sweet than it was bitter. Now, we can sleep.

I think we're going to be far less sympathetic to abandoned animals in the future.
posted by Christie