Friday, September 09, 2005

here we go again

Even though I think the show has taken a nose-dive, I'm still a loyal Survivor fan. I'm just not sure why. Either way, it is that time of year again. In just a few days, Survivor: Guatemala will premier. And just like last season - and every season before - the cast is full of your stereotypical members. Of course, there will be a few muscle-bound frat boys, and several bikini models. Also, the resident old guy and the mid 40s, semi-handsome ex firefighter/football player/marine - you choose. Don't forget the menopausal mother, masculine lady, feminine man and computer geek. I think that about covers it. Tune in to CBS Primetime on Thursday, September 15 @ 8 pm and watch the antics for yourself. If you can stand it.
posted by Christie