Friday, September 23, 2005

i choose you

Adoption is a topic that weaves its way into many a conversation in our home. Although we want to have children naturally and have no reason to believe that we can't, we've been compelled to at least consider the idea of adoption. Although I'm not really even sure when out hearts became burdened about this, it seems as if they always have been. However, our thoughts about adoption don't necessarily center around what many consider to be the traditional idea - taking a newborn into your home. We also have seriously contemplated the possibility of adopting an older child. And of course, that brings an entirely new dimension into play.

The odds are that despite being adopted, an older child will suffer serious problems for their entire life. Likely, they've been in an environment of promiscuity, drugs, mental illness, physical and sexual abuse, and the list goes on and on. Their chances aren't good. There's no guarantee that they'll ever be "fixed" or grow up to love God and be a functioning adult. I have no desire to bring someone into my home that could likely be a negative role model for other children we may have. However, if God has called us to do this, then I will trust him with that possibility.

I can't think of a more profound display of love than adoption. Despite all the unknown risks involved, still choosing to bring a child into your home and accepting them as your own - really that is far beyond me. God will most certainly have to supernaturally work in my heart for me to be able to love like that.
posted by Christie