Monday, September 26, 2005

on my mind...

Boycotts never really seem to serve much of a purpose. I agree that there are some companies that support ideas and lifestyles that are not right or moral. However, forming a coalition against those particular groups doesn't usually accomplish anything. I'm not advocating tolerance - that's an entirely different issue. But the answer to cultural problems is not to stay home and abstain from all things cultural. On the contrary, I think as Christians we should be heavily involved in the forming and dissemination of culture. But all too often, we're not. Certainly, there are products that I'd prefer to not purchase and organizations that I'd rather not support. Most definitely practices and beliefs abound that Christians need to take a stand against. But gathering together a denominational troop and storming the gates of the party who has brought offense isn't the answer. As long as Christians respond in that manner, we will simply remain a subculture instead of becoming the counterculture that our society desperately needs.
posted by Christie