Wednesday, September 14, 2005

talent show

I always laugh at Rick because he's so versatile. He's the kind of guy who can take a shower, cook popcorn in the microwave and run a cement mixer - all at the same time. This weekend, he reminded me once again of his great skill. He was in the front yard putting the finishing touches on our sprinkler system, when out of no where, he accidentally cut our telephone line. He walked inside, picked up the receiver, looked at me sheepishly and without saying a word communicated his folly to me. Rather forlorn, he walked back outside to continue his work. However, before long, the phone rang. Startled, I answered and found Rick on the other end. I didn't think that the telephone company would have serviced our line so quickly, and I was right, they hadn't. Rick was calling on his cell phone to tell me that he'd not only finished installing our sprinkler system, but that he'd also spliced our telephone line back together. He could definitely give MacGyver a run for his money.
posted by Christie