Friday, October 14, 2005

i'm easy to please

As a kid, I was rarely allowed to dress up for Halloween. It just kind of depended on what mood my mom was in and how high her thermometer of evil was registering at the time. Some years it read rather low and Halloween activities were permitted. Other times when it was in hyper mode, even the most benign costumes were considered, at least deviant and at worst, devilish. However, the few years I did get to dress up, I was never allowed to wear what, deep down, I really desired. Mom would spend hours laboring over a special costume of some obscure biblical character that was sure to draw acclaim from the tri-county area. And although I appreciated her effort and acted as happy as I could, all I really wanted was one of those ten dollar plastic costumes from Wal-Mart. It was always so exciting to peruse the racks of cheap Smurf and She-ra garb and imagine myself in one of those hot little masks that had the elastic string that went around the back of your head. Really, I didn't want Mom to go to all the trouble she did, I would have been happy with far less.
posted by Christie