Tuesday, October 04, 2005

make new friends, but keep the old

It's so easy to get out of touch with people. Before you know it, days, then weeks, months and years pass and you realize you haven't had any correspondence with people who have really meant a great deal in your life. Last night Rick and I thought of several people that we are going to take the time to get back in contact with sometime soon, maybe with a phone call or email, but hopefully with a visit.

Here's the first few on our list.

  • Some of the people we were closest to at our last church in Cuthbert, Georgia. Although we weren't there for a real lengthy period of time, we made friends in that community that we will never forget. Even though we speak with some of them every now and again, we would love to sit down together and catch up on life.

  • My former youth pastor and his wife, who now live in Columbiana, Alabama - outside of Birmingham. They made a huge impact on me during my high school days and I haven't seen them in almost five years. Still, I think of them often and would love the opportunity to find out how they're doing and for them to get to know Rick.

  • A couple in Panama City who became extremely influential in mine and Rick's dating relationship. They were great friends of ours and he performed our wedding ceremony. Even though we've been out of touch for a little while now, I'm absolutely certain that we would pick up right where we left off.

If all else fails, maybe we can convince some of these folks to start a blog.

posted by Christie