Monday, November 21, 2005

The American Family Association and others are leading the charge in a holiday boycott of Target. Their gripe is multifold, but mainly centers around two areas of concern. (1) Target will no longer grant the Salvation Army permission to place their red kettles outside of their stores, and (2) Target refuses to allow "Merry Christmas" to appear on any of their in store promotions or public advertising. The AFA has inferred that Target ended their relationship with the Salvation Army in an effort to appease the homosexual community. And they also suppose that Target will recognize Jewish and Kwanza holidays, while excluding Christmas.

Whatever the case and motives may be, I am a bit puzzled by the actions of the AFA. Certainly I uphold family and biblical values, yet I am confused as to why Christian organizations and individuals expect non-Christian organizations and individuals to act as if they were. And secondly, the label "Merry Christmas" means very little. Target executives could plaster the slogan everywhere if they desired, yet that doesn't necessarily mean that they honor God. If you don't want to shop at Target for those reasons or others, then don't. But why organize a formal boycott in a futile attempt to make non-Christians act and perform as something they aren't and then wait to join in on the revelry as their stocks drop?
posted by Christie