Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Beyond the Gates of Splendor, is a feature length documentary about Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and other missionaries who were brutally speared by savages in the jungles of Ecuador in the 1950s. The piece also covers the return of two of the missionary wives to the very tribe who murdered their husbands. Although it actually released in a few theaters in 2004, it is now available on DVD. The quality of the piece is said to be excellent, and of course, the story itself is an absolutely incredible and touching display of courage and faith.

Now, to follow up the documentary, is a movie entitled End of the Spear that releases in theaters on January 20, 2006. The film covers the life of Steve Saint, Nate's son, and his own return to Ecuador and the tribesmen responsible for killing his father. We learn how the Waodani tribe have turned from violence and now embrace the enemy they once tried to destroy. What a powerful story of God's loving providence that we, our churches and our children need to see.
posted by Christie