Friday, November 18, 2005

I was first introduced to Derek Webb when I was in high school, through the group Caedmon's Call. Infact, I remember the very day that I purchased their debut CD. And although I was an instant fan of their sound, honestly, many of their lyrics puzzled me more than they did anything else. I understood what the songs were saying, but somehow, had a difficult time truly discerning and comprehending their message.

Strangely, as I sat last night on the front row at Murray Hill Theater and listened to Derek Webb once again, with many years distancing me from my first encounter with him, I realized that those very same songs finally resonated with me. The precise words that were, for the most part, hollow to me at one point in my life, have become some of the most profound and meaningful that I've ever been confronted with. I guess that's what ten years has the potential to do.

Of course, Derek also sang several picks from his first two solo records, as well as a selection from his new album Mockingbird, which releases in December. Whereas his previous two works dealt much with the church and its subculture, his new piece centers more on social justice and the Kingdom of God. And if the few songs I heard are any indication of what the entire record will be like, it's going to be tremendous. Infact, I'll probably sit back years from now and realize that its message is really just beginning to sink in as well.
posted by Christie