Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In a recent article, Penn Jillette, who is part of the comedy act Penn and Teller, writes a very sad commentary explaining how he is beyond atheism. He says that he has transcended past the idea of "not believing in God" and instead simply states that he believes, "there is no God." Somehow, he claims to be comforted by this fact.

"Believing there is no God means the suffering I've seen in my family,and indeed all the suffering in the world, isn't caused by an omniscient,omnipresent, omnipotent force that isn't bothered to help or is just testing us,but rather something we all may be able to help others with in the future. No God means the possibility of less suffering in the future.

Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-o and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have. "

If I searched the earth over, I'm not sure I could find a more backwards statement than Jillette's. My only hope is that there is an onniscient, omnipresent, omnioptent force that is behind all of the tragedy in the world. If life's events are only random occurrences and God is not working out a plan for eternity, then we are all to be most pitied.
posted by Christie