Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Since we've yet to convince our pastor to let us throw a Reformation party on October 31st, we have been forced to settle for a Fall Festival. Instead of a Papal Bull roast, Diet of Worms cake and games such as pin the 95 theses on the Wittenburg door - we've opted for the likes of hot dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy and inflatable games. Where is his sense of adventure?

Theological and historical concerns aside, the latter idea seems to resonate best with the people here. Oh, did I mention people? Close to 2,000 of them. The population of our entire county is only about 10,000 - and assembling 1/5 of a community together anywhere for anything, I think, is quite a feat.

I was the head honcho in charge of face painting. And although I'm not all that artistic, I consider myself to be quite creative if I do say so myself. But possibly, I'm the only one holding that opinion. Most of the kids weren't too happy with my suggestion of having things like "sola gratia" and "sola fide" written on their foreheads. Instead they chose rainbows, flowers, footballs and pumpkins. And how could I forget the many red University of Georgia "G's," and camoflauge disguises I slathered on kids faces. How could they choose something like that over my recommended #62 of Luther's theses? Rednecks.

Rick ran the cotton candy machine. And perfected it quite nicely I might add. With my face paiting ability and hidden juggling talent combined with his knowledge of spun sugar, we could always join a traveling carnival if ministry doesn't work out. And then, maybe we could convince some of those folks of the great need for a Reformation Day Festival.
posted by Christie