Monday, November 28, 2005

We're back after a longer than usual Thanksgiving break. As always, we had a great time relaxing and visiting with both of our families. We partook of food so pleasing to the palate that we came nigh unto hurting ourselves, and possibly others. The cause of this malady were things like Rick's mom's mashed potatoes of which I enjoyed multiple helpings of throughout the day. Also my sister-in-laws macaroni and cheese that could only be rivaled by her Kentucky Derby pie - minus the bourbon - or my sisters cream cheese pumpkin roll. Among the memorable delicacies, I would be remiss if I forgot the homeade, hand rolled crossiants that we almost fought over. Other notable occurrences include the discovery that our two year old niece would rather eat ice than any of the above mentioned food, that our three year old nephew would rather watch Spongebob than eat any of the above mentioned food and that our five year old nephew will eat any and all of the above mentioned food if you're not careful. He and I are definitely kindred spirits.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Picture is of my sweet five year old nephew, Daniel, with his Aunt Christie.
posted by Christie