Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Joe Thorne, at Words of Grace, sheds some great light on the importance of theology and misunderstandings concerning it. The post is definitely worth looking at. Here's an exerpt.

I find myself frustrated with people coming from two different directions. On the one hand there are those... who have dismissed theology as an irrelevant, divisive - if sometimes necessary - engagement. On the other hand are those who treat theology like the XBOX 360. It’s really a lot of fun, and you can do it with others who are into the same games, you spend a lot of time in the virtual world with it, but ultimately it has little connection to real life. It’s a passionate hobby. If you don’t know what XBOX is, or don’t have one, then perhaps you can better grasp the point I am attempting to make.

...good theology is not simply the recitation of archaic doctrinal formulations - as valuable as that is. Theology is not good just because it is right. It must be spoken in response to a church and culture that needs Christ. It should be the attempt to show the connection of God and his salvation to men and women here in real time. I find it ironic that many theologianettes who seem to love Luther, Calvin and Spurgeon neglect to follow the example of these men. Their theology emerged from their relationship with the world. Often times our theology is little more than the scripted dialogue of history.
posted by Christie