Monday, December 12, 2005

The Public Market in Seattle is one of the neatest places I've ever visited. Basically, it's an enormous 9 acre, three- story flea market with vendors from all over the world selling produce, artwork, jewelry, comic-books, spices, leather goods, antiques, and of course, cannabis paraphernalia. Really, it's a world unto itself. And although the Market is rather dirty and reeks of seafood, it is nestled in an indescribably beautiful area. Look one way and you see downtown Seattle, another and you have a perfect view of the Cascade Mountains looming above the Puget Sound, and still turn from there and Mt. Rainier stands majestically in your path. And the flying fish. How can I forget the flying fish. At Pike's Place Fish the staff yell and chant to each other constantly, and throw fish occasionally. They also pride themselves in playing practical jokes on innocent by-standers. Like me. As we passed by Pike's Place Fish for the first time, I noticed a huge fish hanging partially off the side of the ice. Possessing the investigative mind that I do, I decided I would go in for a closer inspection, but when I did, the little joker behind the counter gave the hidden line attached to the fish a swift yank. As he laughed maniacally, I was propelled several feet into the air, while screaming like a dying cat. It took me a while to recover from that one. But I hear that since I've tasted fresh gelato, sipped coffee from the original Starbucks, ascended the Space Needle, and lived to tell of the the monk fish, that I've truly experienced Seattle. I could have definitely lived without the last one.
posted by Christie