Monday, January 16, 2006

After reading about Micah's recent experience in trying to obtain a list of trustee members for the International Mission Board, I decided I would take the chance and see what happened when I called. After speaking with an operator and asking for a list of trustee contact information, I was directed to another office and another secretary. There I asked if I could obtain the information somewhere on the internet and was informed that it was not posted online, but they would gladly furnish me a list of the trustee names and the states in which they lived. When I pressed for specific contact information, I was politely told: "I can give you contact information for our Trustee Chairman, Thomas Hatley. His phone number is (479) 636-5555." [A different number than the one Micah received - (479)636-1230] I thanked her for her help and then called the number provided. It rang several times, went into a series of random beeps and then a long beep - I'm unsure if it was an answering machine or a fax machine - but there was no pre-recorded greeting so I simply hung up.
posted by Rick