Thursday, January 26, 2006

Although not a New Year's resolution, around the first of January I decided that I desperately needed to drink more water. What a harrowing realization that was for me as this epiphany came while the sweet essence of Cherry Coke still lingered in my mouth. Like a soldier, I hunkered down and decided I would at least try to ingest more of the tasteless liquid than I currently was and cut back on the 12 ounce cans of carbonated heaven I so frequently indulged in. And now, almost four weeks have passed and I've had nothing to drink except, you guessed it, water. Really, I don't miss the sodas at all. Never even think about the deliciously fizzy beverages in which I'm being deprived of. And only occasionally do I shake uncontrollably, convulse and black out for hours at a time. I'm handling it so well.
posted by Christie