Tuesday, January 03, 2006

At the request of my mother, Christie so graciously offered this Southern version of the Christmas Story. I hope you enjoy:

Luke 2:8-14
(8) Round about the same place there wuz some shepherds keepin' an eye on their sheep
(9) and out of nowhere an angel of the Lord was standin' right there at 'em and the glory of the Lord shined down on 'em and they were scared as they could be.
(10) But directly the angel hollered: "you ought not be so dern scared cuz I'm bringin' some real good news to all y'all.
(11) For on this very day in this here city of David, a Savior has been born.
(12) There's your sign. Y'all will uncover fer yerself a youngin' wrapped up in rags layin' in the barn."
(13) Out of nowhere, a big ole' crowd showed up with the angel a hollerin'
(14) "Glory to God up yonder and here on earth, peace to all y'all"
posted by Rick