Friday, January 27, 2006

For the first time, in a very long time, my car is clean. I used to be a fanatic about keeping it spotless, infact Rickie always said I was the only girl he knew who detailed her car. However, as life progressed and time became of the essence, I opted to keep things clean, like my home, instead of my car. People always say you can look at a woman's vehicle and tell what kind of house she keeps - but that's not true with me at all. Really it all fell apart when I started school at Brewton-Parker. At the end of exams the first semester I popped open my trunk, dumped my books, and there they remained until just a few days ago. Same thing happened at the close of my second, third and fourth semesters. Oh and did I mention that the Chair of my department cleaned out his office and gave me about 50 books. Yep, they fell into the dreaded abyss as well. Thankfully, I graduated and that ended. But, that didn't bring a stop to many a moldy cup, half eaten sandwiches, grocery store bags, small animals, chocolate cakes, Doritos and old bananas. However, after its recent fumigation my car looks almost new and smells surprisingly pleasant considering some of its former contents. I hear if you deal with what's in your car each day, that the situation above won't repeat itself. Maybe I'll experiment.
posted by Christie