Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've been hesitant to post about a certain situation, but really, I'm not sure why. The particular story has made local, state and even national news. You may have even heard or read about the incident yourself. Everyone else is talking about it, but I haven't. Until now.

It goes like this. Brandon was a teenage boy who was part of our youth ministry for quite some time. He was an - albeit troubled - but seemingly polite, funny and thoughtful kid. One of those that you couldn't help but love, even when he was irritating. Brandon moved away a few months back, and we had actually seen him once or twice since that time. However, the weeks passed following our last encounter with no news, until we received some of the worst I could have ever imagined. Brandon brutally murdered an elderly lady, stabbing her upwards of two dozen times. I was overcome with disbelief, shock and horror at the realization of what had transpired. I felt such grief for the family of the victim. She had children and grandchildren whose lives would be drastically altered, and who would face a terribly difficult holiday season. I can't even begin to describe the emotions that I felt for that family. Yet, even though part of me tried not to, I experienced the same sorrow for Brandon as well. As I looked at the pictures of him that the news stations posted on their web-sites, I had a hard time seeing a murderer. Yet, I was met face to face with mounting evidence to the contrary.

The situation reminds me of the fact that depravity is probably a term far more hopeful than our actual state. Certainly, we are all capable of committing painfully mind numbing atrocities, beyond our comprehension. Yet, I still confess - I never thought Brandon would.
posted by Christie