Monday, January 30, 2006

On January 17 Larry King hosted a discussion concerning homosexuality and specifically homosexual marriage. The impetus for the conversation was none other than Golden Globe award winning, Brokeback Mountain. King's panel included a wide spectrum of guests such as conservative Christian, Al Mohler - to openly gay activist, Chad Allen. You can read the transcript here and will likely be pleased by the excellent job Mohler did of presenting sound biblical insight into this ever growing debate.

Mohler seems to have spoken with truth and love, often an uncommon balance, and told Larry King, the panelists and viewing audience, "What I hope for is that persons, heterosexual and homosexual, will come to know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, would come to know new life in him, would come to understand that sinners can find the only help that is...worth finding and the only salvation and solution to our problems is by coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and then understanding that God, our creator, has the right to define every aspect of our lives including our sexuality."
posted by Christie