Friday, January 20, 2006

Tomorrow morning we will head to the big town of Macon, GA to do some shopping and see the movie End of the Spear. I hope it will not disappoint us.

I've read The Savage My Kinsmen in which Elisabeth Elliot tells of her journey back into the tribe after her husband, Jim, was killed by the tribe. Now I'm working on Through Gates of Splendor - Elisabeth's book that leads up to the killing. The devotion to, passion for, and confidence of the mission God had called these individuals to astounds me. One of the most moving quotes I've heard to date about these men came from the documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor. A fellow Ecuadorian missionary made the comment that though the men had guns they had said they would never use them because "we are ready for heaven, the Aucas are not". What a beautiful statement of sacrifice - and these five men lived up to their word.
posted by Rick