Friday, February 24, 2006

Around the first of the year I made a decision, not a resolution, to be healthy. There's a difference, at least for me. All former attempts at that goal had been hindered by several things, mainly me. For years, every time I tried to eat healthier, I always felt deprived. However, I finally realized that the only way I was actually being deprived was by feeling poorly and not being able to wear my clothing, due to my horrible diet and exercise habits. Almost two months have now passed, and I am approaching the best shape of my life. Instead of punishing my body with starvation that inevitably leads to binging, I've chosen to center my diet around good, lean, healthy foods - while still remaining flexible enough to eat popcorn at the movies or cake at a birthday party. I've realized that for a diet to be permanent it has to be realistic - not something I have to suffer through for a week or two, then quit and end up weighing more than I did in the first place due to muscle loss. With each action, I've counted the cost. Is eating this particular food worth the outcome? Is skipping the gym to go home and nap worth the results? I've found that every so often, the answer to those questions are yes, but overwhelmingly, the answers have been an emphatic no. I've been amazed. I've discovered that I actually like to run. Sometimes several miles at a time. I've found that I would rather drink water than soda. And that losing 10 pounds of fat and gaining several pounds of muscle makes me look almost like I did in high school. What a difference eight weeks and a drastically altered mindset can make. Resolution, decision, whatever it was and continues to be - it's been good. No, great.
posted by Christie