Friday, February 10, 2006

Due to recent controversy surrounding Chad Allen being cast to play Nate Saint in End of the Spear, Every Tribe Communications, the independent company that produced the film, issued a statement concerning the matter. I commend the folks at ETC for answering their critics. Here's a copy of their letter:

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,
With the recent news and controversy over the casting of Chad Allen we wanted you to know our prayerful thoughts.

We did not know Chad was gay when we offered him the roles of Nate and Steve Saint. We learned just before he accepted the roles, and then faced the decision of whether we should love him and include him in the journey, as well as honor our commitment. Producer Mart Green shared, "I would not have hired Chad had I known everything about him. But God had to work around me.”

We’ve chosen to tell true stories that raise the question of what it can mean to live what the Bible says is true. The story is what we want the worldwide audience to experience and discuss, and it is the only thing we are promoting.

We stand by our decision to include Chad Allen. We are a film company that desires to be a safe place for all people, and an adventure for those who know Christ.

If this issue has caught you by surprise in any way, and you feel betrayed for not knowing then we sincerely apologize. We have been walking through this process with many Christian leaders and we were not attempting to hide anything. We do not agree with Chad Allen on homosexuality, and we do not advocate any compromise to God’s Word. The STORY is the star. We invite you to experience End of the Spear and then judge for yourself the message you are left with.

Bearing Fruit Communications
Every Tribe Entertainment
posted by Christie