Thursday, February 09, 2006

A final Pastor's Conference post...

One of the most surprising statements of the weekend came from none other than Jerry Falwell, of Liberty University. Falwell, widely known for his right-wing rants and political activism stressed the need for Christians to learn to disagree agreeably. "Just because you don't like someones viewpoint doesn't mean you can't get along," he stressed. "Those of you who only see me on Hannity & Colmes or Larry King Live probably think there are many people from the left wing that I hate. That simply is not true. Just a few weeks ago, I was out west and stopped by Larry Flynt's office to pay him a friendly visit. Sure, the guy's a dirt bag, but we can still get along." He then continued to tell us how he and Ted Kennedy agreed on "nothing but motherhood" but are still friends and when Ted and his wife are in Lynchburg, they eat dinner at Falwell's home, and while in Washington, he eats at the Kennedy home.

This all shocked me. For some reason, I can't see Flynt and Falwell just hanging out. Nonetheless it was a much needed statement in the midst of our Convention's current polarization and one I greatly appreciated.
posted by Rick