Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some good things did come out of our trip to the Pastor's Conference.

- We ran into several folks from college: Dr. Jumper, Jon E., Jacob H., and a few others whose identification slipped my feeble mind. (I searched desperately for many a name tag, but often to no avail.) It was great getting to hear about the things God is doing in their lives - some were in seminary, others just beginning new ministries, or adjusting to their kids being in college. Although time had separated us, a connection still remained. We even visited the BCF booth and picked up the usual peanuts, but also a key chain and insulated coffee cup. Ah, the priviledges of being an alum.

- We met the new pastor of our former church for lunch and through that were able to get an overdue update on many of our old friends. We were happy to learn that in a very segregated southwest Georgia, our previous church hosted the entire high school football team
(which is almost 100% black) for a steak dinner. Although tons of racial barriers still exist, I commend the desperately needed effort. They also invited us to the 175th church anniversary celebration in July and we made definite plans to attend.

The above events, and others, made the treck to Jacksonville worthwhile.
posted by Christie