Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We've now returned to the grind and find ourselves back in Hazlehurst. With a little time to digest the events of the conference, I find a concerning commonality among many of the speakers. It seems nearly all of the sermons that we heard, at some point or another, contained an anti-Calvinist/Reformed theology comment.

The most prominent came from Junior Hill, while stressing the responsibility of the minister to win souls. He told a story of a recent service in which six individuals accepted Christ. He then followed with a statement to this effect: Now Calvinists would tell you that was not all that important, if they didn't get saved that night, they could have left there and would have gotten saved at another time - but I don't subscribe to that theology [followed by many amens, whoops, and hallelujah's]. Who knows - had they left the church that night without accepting Christ, they may have never had another opportunity presented to them. (Notice this is not a direct quote)

This makes me just a little uneasy and has left me wondering if the next assault will be on those who subscribe to Reformed Theology.
posted by Rick