Monday, March 13, 2006

As I said on Heath's site, I love new musical arrangements of old, theologically rich hymns. One of my favorites, for years now, has been "Come Thou Fount" written by Robert Robinson sometime in the mid to late 1700s. However, last night as our congregation sang that tune, as we often do, I noticed an obvious alteration to the original lyrics. Where Robinson wrote about raising "Ebenezer," we instead sang "Here by grace your love has brought me." Although the latter is a great message, I see no need for the revision. Why attempt to improve upon the biblical idea of Ebenezer? I do understand the case for relevance, but what a wonderful opportunity Robinson's hymn affords us to explain the background passage in 1 Samuel 7 and God's redemptive work throughout the history of His people. Although it's just my opinion, I prefer the message contained in the original.
posted by Christie