Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've noted before that I don't really like to take medicine. And I especially don't like to take medicine prescribed to other people. That is a major no-no as far as I'm concerned. However, yesterday I ended up breaking the pharmaceutical cardinal rule and received a good reminder of why I won't ever do it again.

The story begins with my dentist appointment. Well, actually with my heart murmur. I have one, so I'm required to take antibiotics a few hours before any dental procedure, due to an escalated risk of bacteria from my mouth entering the bloodstream and causing endocarditis and possibly death - a long, violent and painful one I'm told. The problem is that I forgot about getting a prescription filled and ended up taking some antibiotics that Rick had. However, about 15 minutes after ingesting the 2000 milligrams, I was walking into the gym and it hit me that I was allergic to the medicine I just swallowed. I tried not to panic, assumed I would be fine, attempted not to go hypochondriac on everyone, and decided to just monitor myself for any signs of a reaction. And what are the signs you ask? Redness of the skin and difficulty breathing. Well, after running the third mile on the treadmill, there's a high probability that I would suffer from both of those problems. The gym might not have been the greatest place to keep a check on myself.

However, despite the enormous odds stacked against me, I burned about 500 calories, got my teeth cleaned, hopefully averted a deadly heart infection and my windpipe has yet to swell shut. Miracles never cease.
posted by Christie