Friday, March 17, 2006

We have a busy week ahead. We'll be leaving this afternoon with some of our youth for Student Life Tour in Atlanta. Erwin McManus, Charlie Hall and All Things to All People will be leading us in worship. We'll head back to Hazlehurst Saturday evening.

As soon as church is dismissed on Sunday, we plan on traveling to Florida to spend a few days with our family. In between, we'll be attending the IMB Trustee Meeting in Tampa at Idlewild Baptist Church. Several have asked me what I hope to accomplish by attending these meetings. While I know my presence will have little to no affect on any of the proceedings and that the events would go along as planned without me, I do hope for a few things.

1) I hope to leave with a better understanding of the IMB and a greater passion for missions.
2) I have never witnessed an appointment ceremony and look forward to being present for this event.
3) I hope to meet up with a few people and get to know them better - beyond the blogosphere.
4) I pray we will see the board issue an apology to trustee Wade Burleson, for their actions against him at the last meeting and that some level of healing among the SBC can begin.
5) I always enjoy a trip away with my wife, this alone could convince me to go.

We hope to be able to do a little blogging from Tampa, but it will depend on the internet situation at our hotel. My parents do have access, but it's dial-up and I don't know if I can take the pain of waiting for items to download. Stay tuned.
posted by Rick