Monday, April 03, 2006

Marty Duren of SBC Outpost has once again broken Baptist news with this story of a missionary couple on the verge of losing their IMB appointment as a result of partnering with a non-Baptist (though Baptistic) group to plant a church in a hostile Muslim region - where no church currently exists. The D's have been serving through the IMB for the past 8 years with the goal of one day planting a church. Now, as they are within reach of their goal, it seems their dreams and life's work may be stripped away - not by the Muslims in whose region they work - but by their (and our) own International Mission Board.

I would encourage each of you to:
1) Follow this story closely through SBC Outpost where I am sure Marty will keep us up to date.

2) Begin praying for God to unify our Convention, protect this missionary family, and accomplish His purpose and will through these tumultuous times.

3) Contact every trustee in your state (and others, - especially John Floyd and Chairman Hatley - as trustees serve the Convention at large and not a geographic region) to share your passion related to this issue and help them to understand that - if taken to a vote - they must vote against terminating this couple's missionary service. (IMB Trustee contact information can be found here)

4) Finally, alert your peers - both clergy and laity to the current issues related to our mission board. Write your state Baptist papers, blog your own thoughts, just be sure the message of the D's finds its way into the hands of faithful Southern Baptists who love and support their missionaries.
posted by Rick