Wednesday, April 27, 2005

strange love

I encountered some wierd folks in college. I had about five guys declare to me that God came to them in a dream and told them that they would marry me. Oddly enough, I wed none of them. I'm not saying that the freaky boys were totally to blame, because to begin with, I tried to be nice to everyone. However, it seems that only the wierd ones took it the wrong way. I quickly began to realize that I needed to stay far far away from the charity cases. I seemed to be fly paper for freaks.

On one occasion, a guy gave me a special recording of him singing Unchained Melody. Not only was the move stalkeristic, he couldn't even sing. I'm mean, I let the entire dorm listen to it. It was great.

Another guy who was a DJ at a southern gospel radio station made me an eery tape in which he professed his love for me - and my red toenails. In the background rang "The Little Brown Church in the Veil." That one was scary, but good entertainment.

Not where this post started, but where it went after that has encouraged me to post the words to a poem that I uncovered while moving recently. One of those strange young admirerers penned it especially for me. And yes, it's even written in the kings English. I must be special.


Fragile, Do Not Touch
By: I'm not going to be that mean

Every time I see thy face
My eyes become captivated by the pure beauty that lie [sic] within
It is thy blessed appearance which remindeth me of a precious porcelain doll
When I gaze upon thy beauty
I see one of those beautiful yet fragile dolls that cannot be touched
For fear that it might become stained or shattered, thus bringing much sadness to my heart
Thy brokeness would pierce most deeply into my mind
Only to haunt me the rest of my days.

I don't know about you, but what I surmised from that little work was that the dude wanted to put me in a cage.

So, here's to all of my freaky experiences in college - all the wierd love songs, icky poems and gifts received from guys who just wanted a chance. Sorry for the broken hearts boys, but keep dreaming.
posted by Christie