Wednesday, August 10, 2005

making the band

I think that I'm going to take Michael's advice from a previous post, and never, ever, ever let anyone know when we're practicing music for Wednesday night. As if they had been cordially invited, three kids showed up yesterday evening, that I had to send packing. One kid came with his electric and acoustic guitars, ready to rock for Jesus - using only the G chord. Two friends tagged along with him, prepared to send us into musical bliss with their astounding bass and drumming ability. Yet, the one kid didn't even have a bass and the other only had drum sticks - but no drums. Definitely missing some key components necessary to enter the world of rock stardom. As if taking their very hearts and crushing them with my bare hands, I told them that the music was already covered. Despondent and dejected, the guys over-eagerness was replaced with a forlorness which I will probably never be able to adequately describe. So, as to not damage the very heart and soul of any more future musicians, I am now taking my operations underground. Sorry guys.
posted by Christie